Do You Really Need A Coach?

You can do what I did and fumble and stumble through your business, entrepreneurial or career or life in general or you can climb the stairs to the pinnacle of success much quicker. You can also do what I did and listen to advice from every friend and family member and people who seemingly ‘know-it-all’ because they read some books.

On this subject instead of listening to me why not listen to a man who has coached and mentored presidents and world leaders as well as top celebrities and sport stars; Anthony Robbins:

“Everybody’s got a tip. Everybody has an answer. But I’ll give you a hint: they rarely have one that will really help you. People without any knowledge or mastery will promote their own theories and criticize others’ strategies with such vehemence, even though they have no proven track record. It’s like a psychologist on Prozac telling you how you can have a fulfilled life. Or an obese person telling you how to get thin and fit. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing from all these “experts” who tell us what to do, but haven’t produced results in their own lives.”

Drive Success, with Expert Coaching.

I have had a successful sales career, been a successful human resources and operations manager, had many successes as an entrepreneur, been mentored by millionaires and a billionaire, have mentored startups and coached managers. I’ve been there and I’ve got the scars to prove it.

Whether you are an executive or someone trying to climb the ladder to success, I am available.

I received my coaching certification through The Life Coach Institute in 2001.

Finally let me leave you with one glaring example from my life. I failed at Network Marketing for 25 years. I sought out a mentor about 15 years ago and implemented the advice and strategies. I have had massive success and zero failures since doing that.

Yes that coaching cost me money I could barely afford. However, what it saved me in time and costly mistakes and especially the huge amounts of money it made me in an accelerated time frame, was something I never anticipated. Get yourself a coach or a mentor. If it’s not me that’s okay. Your rising into financial abundance is what is most important to me. A rising tide raises all boats and when you rise it raises the boats of my clients and mine as well.

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