Philanthro – Capitalism.

Allan has been a serial entrepreneur, an avid businessman, a venture capitalist and a passionate speaker and teacher. Yet Allan insists that he is none of these. He insists that he is instead the sum of all the people he has surrounded himself with. Brilliant, caring, sharing people who live cause-driven lives themselves.

Allan coined the term Philanthro-Capitalism to describe this cause driven life of Earning a Living Giving. Believing that one can practice philanthropy and simultaneously create a profit Allan has set out to inspire people with this new way of thinking.

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Micro Credit – Humanity United Bank.

What if you could save money and while its is being saved you are helping improve the lives of humanity around the world?

What if you received no traditional Interest on Your Money but instead received the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of doing what you can to serve the world while serving yourself?

That is what this phenomenal idea is about and I hope you will do 3 things right now:

  • Read the entire Idea!
  • Join me by becoming a Philanthro-Capitalist.
  • Share this concept with your friends by sending them to this page.

Humanity United Bank.

The current vision for the Humanity United Bank is nothing more than a Group Page on which is a site that facilitates Micro-Credit Loans to entrepreneurs all over the world.  Here are some key points to ponder as you consider joining this co-op I call the Humanity United Bank:

  • You can contribute as little as $25 (see my vision below).
  • Your money is YOUR MONEY. It is not pooled with mine. It is just that together we can inspire others to be part of something big.
  • When your money is repaid by the third world entrepreneur it comes back to your account and you can transfer it back to your PayPal account.
  • Oh – it is a lot easier if you have a Pay Pal Account.
  • You can choose to lend only through Micro-Credit Partners that have a 100% rate of return – in other words no defaults – as these partners obviously have a good track record of getting your money back. This is important so that you can then re-loan that money.
Accounting resources

Our Vision.

  • Imagine that every pay day, every two weeks, you contribute $25 (the minimum amount) to fund one of these micro-credit loans.
  • Over the year you loan out $650. (Sometimes these loans are returned in 6 to 10 months and then you loan them out again. That means your money is doing even more good).
  • At the end of 3 years your Own Micro-Credit Loan Fund is at $1,950. (This does not take into account any additional monies you might throw in from time to time).
  • With this $1,950 back in your PayPal account you can choose to take a loved one and go on a cruise. You deserve it after all the good you have done. And you will not quit! Your $25 contribution every week will continue.

I am talking to a couple of individuals who think they might be able to afford $100 every two weeks and they plan on leaving it in for 5 years and then using the money to travel to Africa and Asia and volunteer their time while they continue to contribute to the program.

Whatever, your plan is imagine how good you will feel helping so many people create sustainability in their lives so that they don’t need aid from charitable organizations. In fact what typically happens when one family or individual starts to do well is that prosperity gets spread to others in the village. Therefore your money is not just affecting the individual it is directed at but the entire community just like throwing a stone in pond and having the ripples spread out.

Join Us Now on Kiva at The HUMANITY UNITED BANK the bank for social good!

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