​Dear Steve Jobs,
Wherever you are in the Universe I just wanted you to know that soon after you died, your beloved company, Apple started to go into decline as well.  In fact I don’t think they know it yet but they are going nowhere fast.
With no new innovations on the horizon and customer service declining rapidly, we, your beloved customers can already see the writing on the wall. Sure they will sustain the market they have, for now, but their market share will slowly dwindle and they will become a has been like Blackberry in my country of Canada.
I know I can’t be the only one experiencing some of the worst customer service I have seen from any company and the fact that it is coming from Apple is incredibly sad.  The helpful staff and managers in your stores have now simply become clerks, standing behind ‘policy’ and not standing behind products in your stores.  I know this because I recently bought a Native Union Belt Cable that broke 30 days after I bought it from your store in Chinook and they won’t take it back because it is past the “15 day return policy”. Now I have to deal with Native Union. Even WalMart has better service than that because they stand by ALL the products in their store.
Also recently my son had a problem with his phone that was obviously an Apple software defect. Again it was a few days outside of the one year warranty and they hid behind “Policy” again.
I love Apple but bad customer service especially when things go wrong is something that truly shows the character of a company.  After all anyone can look after a customer when everything is going right.
Maybe it’s time to move to Android and Google… Yikes… Did I just say that? Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my iPhone and my iPad. But I can’t afford to take the risk that should anything go wrong, Apple won’t be there to help me.
So until another Rebel, another trouble maker, another who sees things differently, another Steve Jobs comes along, I can see Apple joining Blackberry in the digital graveyard.
If you’re ranting and crying wherever you are Steve, this time you have every reason to.
Your biggest fan!

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