Anyone who knows me, knows I have been an entrepreneur all my life.  Through failures and successes I have learned a lot and I am bringing all of that into my new venture.
I founded Zenoshi Inc last winter with 2 goals in mind. One is to disrupt the Loyalty Rewards industry and the second is to launch a service to help small business owners get more customers. Most importantly, I wanted to help them become better at managing their advertising expenses and to eventually spend less on advertising.
Yes I know those are 2 big, hairy, audacious and crazy goals that I took on.
But here I am now days away from launching the latter, the service to small businesses, called ZenoshiOffers. 
If you are a consumer, you are going to love ZenoshiOffers as we bring you the best of what our small businesses have to offer. These offers help you to shop local and enjoy the best service.
ZenoshiOffers has created a software platform that we use to bring leads and customers to small businesses and we are focusing on restaurants in the beginning. We do this via social media as well as offline advertising.
At the same time we build a database made up of these leads and customers for each small business and they own that list.
The biggest thing we offer is that WE do all the work for them.  We realize that many small businesses are extremely busy doing what they do. Many of them are understaffed. And small business owners are among the hardest working people I have ever met.  I proud to say that I personally have belonged to that group and understand their needs well.
That is why we decided that we would be the ones to drive all the marketing for them.  Not only run the advertising, but then once the list was created to also market to that list.
Finally, we want to make sure that what we charged was affordable and that’s why we built the software platform. It helps us reduce the time and effort of our labor force which in turn keeps costs down. 
If you are a business and you’re curious go ahead and check out our site and enter in your information after clicking on the Merchant Tab.
If you are a customer, please tell your favorite restaurants about us. Give them our website address and ask them to schedule a conversation with us.  We can and will help them increase their customers and their cash flow.

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