Solar energy is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way for homeowners and businesses to get their power. The energy created is clean, safe, and simple. Going solar can give your family or business immediate cost savings as well as ownership in your own power source.
1- 100% financing – so no money upfront.
2- Payments should not exceed your average monthly electricity bill
3- Own Your Power Source – Your monthly electricity bill should be eliminated
4- The Carbon Tax that starts in January will also be eliminated for us in Alberta.
5- Lock in your power bill (no more rising energy costs) = Cost Savings until it is paid off, then – No More Power Bills!
6- Typically increases value of the home by 5% to 15%
7- Reduce your carbon footprint – Clean & Green

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Excess Solar Power you produce goes into the grid and is called Net Metering or (Net Billing in some provinces)  – Check your province
In Ontario you can actually earn money from your solar installation.  On a roof with good solar exposure, a system can generate up to $450 per year for each kilowatt of solar. Solar is so dependable it’s like a 20 year GIC, but on your very own roof! And it’s green energy, replacing coal fired electricity in Ontario.
In the United States there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as States have their own incentives and rebates. Here is a comprehensive list.

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