After 40 years in Canada I am into my 7th Career.
I arrived as a welder, was lounge lizard playing guitar and singing, then entered sales after hurting my back in a welding accident.  Door to door sales led me to a 25 year retail career. I also spent many years as an entrepreneur and businessman that led me to the Technology industry including a stint in Silicon Valley. Then I became a very successful network marketer.
Now I have started a Cardio Screening business after serious heart disease problems led me to discovering a Health Canada Approved device that is very accurate in discovering what stage of heart disease a person may have as well as giving them their biological age.
So as I turn 60 in a couple of months I am reimagining who I am and how I can best serve my family, my friends, my community and the world.
Welcome to Allan Marston 7.0 

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