I have had a few people contact me over the last 3 weeks asking me what I think of the new social network, Empowr.  I felt it was important for me and anyone who has any influence in social media to step in and stop their friends from being scammed. Yes, it is one huge scam folks.
And here are a few reasons why:

1- In order to cash out, you have to provide either your credit card details or a PayPal account, and when you provide your payment details, you have to agree to this:

2- Without you knowing, when you post something on Empowr, you automatically use their Ad Credits. If you have provided your payment details and have accepted the above terms, you will automatically be charged on your credit card or your PayPal account if you use more than $2 worth of advertising fee. Remember, this advertising fee is levied each time you perform an activity on Empowr, moreover, you will be charged a 2.9% ad platform fee on a monthly basis.

​3- Any earnings that you make from Empowr takes 90 days (3 months) to mature, but it takes you a few seconds to pay their advertising fees. Does it make sense to you? Why you can’t cash out immediately if you have paid their advertising fee?

This is the first question I asked and no one had an answer. Now I know!
You are required to do several things – 4 in particular to make money on Empowr.
1- Post – Photo’s, comments, etc.
2- Share – others, photo’s and comments
3- List – Products for sale
4- Bid – which also lets you reshare what you bid on.  
Every time you do any of these you get ‘paid’. You also get charged. (CATCH)> You have to complete all four tasks every single day so that the money you are supposed to get paid will mature in 90 days. One of those tasks by the way, LIST is the most frustrating as your listings get rejected no matter how closely you follow their rules. And if you get rejected enough times they put you in LIST JAIL for a period of time.
But all this Makes Sense now!
This is how they make money. If you and I can’t achieve our daily goals but are being charged for all our activities, every day for 90 days, we are not going to have enough income from Empowr to cover our expenses.
There are a lot of people hanging on in Empowr because they see their balances growing. That’s what I did. My balance was over $10,000 and I couldn’t cash out even though I was active enough to be frequently in the top 100.  What I didn’t realize is all that activity was costing me money. 
That money you have in Empowr is the beautiful illusion they put in front of you while they pick your back pocket.
My clue came when PayPal sent me a notice saying my account was in arrears. I was shocked as I had not used my PayPal account for any purchases. So I logged in and low and behold Empowr had their hand in my PayPal account to the tune of about $140 USD. I filed a complaint with PayPal BUT that didn’t work because I had signed their agreement (see point #1 conveniently and fraudulently called their FREE Automatic Account Protection.  Who were they protecting the account from? Ha I’m such an idiot…
When my PayPal balance gets negative they try to get the money from one of the credit cards I provided. So I cut off that credit card. Just in time as well.
December 22nd the Empowr Alligators come again this time for $142.43 which my credit card denied.
December 22nd again they now try to get $158 and again denied.
No way I was going to let these scum bags get more money. So my final act was to delete the account with the following comments. I make a promise in those comments that I am going to keep. And if you will share this with your friends and loved ones to keep them from getting scammed that would help me spread the word.
My Comments Upon Deleting My Account and the Illusory $9,000 I had in there.
I am tired of you lot taking money from my paypal account and me not earning enough to cover that even though I’m listed in the top 100 in Canada. I will not be associated with these types of scams. I am social media guru with over 50,000 followers on various social media platforms and I am going to blast you guys across all of them.
I realize I probably don’t have much hope in winning my battle to recover $140 USD in funds that were taken from my PayPal account but I am working on it.  But you’re about to get a shit load of publicity. So I will bow down and you can kiss my ass.
MORE NIGHTMARE STORIES can be found in the comments of this link: http://barenakedscam.com/empowr

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