Never, Ever Stop Chasing Your Dreams… Ever!

I know it’s hard. People have laughed at me; they’ve mused among themselves that I’m crazy. They have told me that I should be practical and just get a job.  And quite often I have listened and got a job.  But I never, ever gave up on my dream.

A job is awesome to have because it takes the pressure off the bills and its great for meeting new people in most cases.  That’s why I don’t like people that refer to a job as Just Over Broke (J.O.B) even though that’s somewhat true.  

So what I have always done is work on something on the side.  Instead of an hour or two in front of the TV I work on chasing my dream.  

Here’s another reason why you should chase your dream and build something on the side.  I call it job insurance. We go out and get insurance on our cars, get warranties on our TV’s but what about building a business that may one day serve as Insurance in case you lose your job?  

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